When ideas and guidance are all that are required; an on site consultation is always the best value. Billed hourly, we can help you clarify your ideas, offer new suggestions, identify existing or potential problems, and lay out a process for you to follow if you wish to execute it yourself. Occasionally just an on site quick sketch is all that will be needed.
     On this visit if the project becomes more than the homeowner wishes to do, we can then, discuss a plan for our crews, or other contractors to implement the ideas discussed.
Do you already have a Design or Construction project lined up or in process?

     Use us as your "Homeowner Advisors" to professionally evaluate the services you are purchasing. We will give you fair and impartial judgment on the design, review the construction contract and the procedures, as well as review your maintenance schedules for your new landscape.
     Our goal in this service is to help educate the client by reviewing their selections with them to make sure they will be receiving what they assumed they purchased; it is not to undermine the individuals or companies the client has hired, or are contemplating hiring.      If desired we can be hired to act as an advocate in the design process, to help the collaboration process between the designer and client, or an independent supervisor for the construction of the project. With Brook Todd of Homestead Landscaping and his Associates, we have a team of experienced Professionals that can give a fair assessment of your project, to help you receive the best value.
Fine Garden Development