Initial Meeting
The process begins with a meeting to discuss your needs. We also evaluate the site and the space. Together we will determine what type of a design process you will require, and a design agreement can then be established.
Site Inventory & Measurements
Before a design can begin, a base plan must be drawn. We locate the home and it's dimensions within the property boundaries. We take into account established trees, plants, and existing hardscape such as driveways and walks. We conduct a grading study of the land if needed for the project. We also spend time on the site to gain knowledge of the sun angles, wind, terrain, views, noise, and drainage.
Conceptual Plan
A variety of sketches are made in the preliminary stages of design. Each one will give a different concept. We review them together to determine which one best matches your needs, taking into account any site constraints. At this point we can establish rough cost projections.
Final Design & Specifications
On approval of the conceptual design and the proposed budget, the final design is done. This includes a master plan to scale, with the necessary specifications and details for your project. These might include cross sections, construction details, grading, planting plan, planting details, lighting, and irrigation specifications.
Fine Garden Development