Landscape Lighting
"Nightscaping® is the art of highlighting the natural visual elements of your landscaping and architecture to dramatically enhance and extend the optimum viewing hours of the property."
Low voltage lighting can add a romantic feel to your landscape. Proper lighting design incorporates downlighting, uplighting, highlighting, backlighting, or crosslighting. A new dimension can be added to your landscape, which you can not experience during daylight hours. Undesirable parts of the landscape can disappear at night while bringing out just the important elements you wish to view. These can include fountains, walkways, specimen plants, or artwork. The lighting can also provide security by illuminating your property borders or other dark spots, or through the use of a motion sensor that turns the lights on when something approaches. The 12 volt lamps used in landscape lighting give off a better quality light that brings out the true colors, while also giving much more versatility in design than with standard lights. The light beam can be put exactly where it is desired, without the annoyance of glare that the typical light gives off.
Please contact us for more information on how we can help you design a 12 volt lighting system that is both functional and aesthetic for your property.
Check out Loran 12 volt lighting systems for an overview of nightscaping information.
Residence in daytime
Residence at night
Residence properly nightscaped
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