Brook Todd
Brook has been involved with Landscape Design and Construction most of his life, starting with Todd & Gagne Landscape Architects and the Rowley Landscaping Co. in 1978.  In 1982, after graduating from college he joined Frank Todd and Homestead Landscaping co. for the next 18 years, and while there they were the recipients of 8 Grand Awards for Landscaping excellence. From early on he has observed correct design and construction practices in a wide variety of projects.
He started his own company in the year 2000 to work more in a collaboration format. Brook received an Associates degree from Stockbridge school of Agriculture in Landscape Operations and a BS degree in Environmental Design/Landscape Architecture from Umass. He has followed his schooling with extensive continuing education. Brook has had a life long interest in International travel, and has observed various landscape gardening techniques and the cultures that surround them. Past clients have considered Brooks work to be an exceptional value. He has encouraged clients to allocate their resources where they spend their time with family and friends, away from the public eye in Private Places and Comfortable Spaces.
The group consists of designers, masonry and horticultural professionals, and visionaries. The team works closely together, and with the client, through the completion of each project. This approach insures that the integrity of the project, from concept through implementation, is kept intact.
- Mike Hatheway     Landscape Construction
- Frank Todd     Landscape Architect
- Jack Domoracki     Landscape Construction
- Jack Tremblay     Landscape Architect
- Scott Berger     Landscape Design and Consultation
- Dave Clark     Masonry
- Bill Avery     Masonry
- Howard Gaffin     Arborist
- Tom Maher     Irrigation Specialist
- Nick Lanham     Carpenter/Builder
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